Top 10 Japanese influencers for 2022

4 min readMay 3, 2022


Many companies have started to see the importance of Influencer marketing these days, as it is effective in focusing on the right target. That is why we have listed the top 10 influencers to follow in Japan for 2022. By reading this post, we hope you will understand the trends and the reasons why they are popular among Japanese audiences, which is important when doing an influencer campaign in Japan.

Here are the top 10 Japanese influencers.

  1. Naomi Watanabe
  2. Rola
  3. Mochimaru
  4. Yuta
  5. Kiko Mizuhara
  6. Tomohisa Yamashita
  7. Risa Naka
  8. Kemio
  9. Yuko Sugamoto
  10. COCO

1.Watanabe Naomi

Instagram– 9.7M followers

YouTube — 1.17M subscribers

Twitter — 1.9M followers

It is no exaggeration to say that she is the inspiration to many young Japanese people. Her impressive impersonating skills as Beyonce made her famous quickly in Japan. Since then, she has been loved by so many Japanese people for her sense of humor and the self-confidence in her own body. She is a successful comedian, a model and Youtuber. Recently, she started her podcast in English in New York, so you should check it out!


Instagram 7.5M

Youtube 743K

Rola is one of the Japanese influencers that has popularity not only in Japan but worldwide. Starting her career as a fashion model, she has been on many Japanese TV shows, for her style and vibrant personality. Rola has recently moved to Los Angeles and became active in promoting healthy living, fitness, and organic food through her Youtube channel which has 744K subscribers.


Instagram 159K

Youtube 1.75M

Twitter 74.6K

The content about pets has been trending in Japan, as #ねこーcats is used in 38 million posts and #いぬすたぐらむーdogstagram in 20 million posts. Among many pet influencers, Mochimaru is the one that you should check, as he has such a huge following on Youtube. It is interesting to see how the owner identifies himself as server to a cat, making the videos not just cute but funny at the same time.


Instagram 8m

Yuta is one of the top Japanese male influencers, attracting many young people. He has the most followers on Instagram among Japanese influencers. Being a member of NCT, one of the well-known boy bands in South Korea definitely helped him become one of the top influencers, as K-pop culture such as music and fashion is integral to the young generation today. He is a singer, dancer, a radio personality, rapper and model.

5. Kiho Mizuhara

Instagram 6.5m

Twitter 641.3K

You might have seen Kiko from Queer Eye: We’re in Japan, where she guides the fab five around Tokyo. She is one of the top Japanese models who collaborates with various brands from high-end brands such as Channel and Coach to magazines like Elle and Vogue Girl. In addition to her successful career, she is also an actress, designer and singer, attracting many young people.

6.Tomohisa Yamashita

Instagram 4.9m

Widely known as Yamapi by Japanese people, he is one of the top actors in Japan. Because he starred in various TV shows for a long time, his fans are not limited to young people but also to older generations. After quitting the Japanese talent agency Johnny & Associates, he has started to be featured in foreign series like The Head. Recently, he was reported to be in Canada filming the movie The Man From Toronto, which stars Kevin Hart.

7.Risa Naka

Instagram 3m

Youtube 1.5m

Twitter 656K

She is considered one of the top Japanese influencers especially among working mothers, as she is not one of the top actors but a Youtuber and model.Her fashion style is distinctive, for she incorporates many color palettes in her fashion. As she has positive and vibrant energy by being herself on her channel, she is inspiring and making so many people smile.



Instagram 1.1m

Youtube 2m

If you are looking for Japanese influencers that are especially popular among millennials and Gen Z, Kemio is the one. He is a living inspiration and superstar, as he is open and has such a positive energy. He is one of the few influencers that are open about his sexuality which is rare to see in Japan. He is a model, writer and Youtuber, currently living in New York.

9. Yuko Sugamoto

Instagram — 494k followers

Twitter — 383k followers

YouTube — 872k subscribers

If you are looking for beauty influencers, she is the one to follow, as her content is well known for her beauty and skincare routine. Having 870K subscribers on Youtube, she gives beauty tips to so many Japanese women. She is also a successful entrepreneur, as she has organic brands.


Instagram 581K

It is rare to find such a successful fashion icon at a young age, but COCO is an 11-year-old stylist based in Tokyo. According to her mother, she chooses her outfit from accessories to shoes. She also works as a stylist for famous Japanese actors, inspiring so many people. If you haven’t followed her, you should definitely check it out.

These are the top 10 Japanese influencers you should follow for 2022. If you are new to the Japanese market and are not sure who to follow, they are the ones to check out!

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