How brands in Japan have been adapting to the Stay Home economy by using online events

Since the spread of COVID-19 around the world, people’s lives have changed drastically from offline to online. Even in Japan where the voluntary restraint mode continues, many companies and influencers have started online events by utilising social media services such as Instagram stories, YouTube, and web-based video conferencing tools such as ZOOM. According to Peatix, one of the biggest platforms in Japan providing event and community management services, the movement to cancel and delay planned events accelerated in March, but the number of events have been increasing again in April, and more than 50% of the events are online events. Let’s take a look at the 3 interesting online events that are found on Peatix.

YokohamaWalker x Peatix Special Event

Let’s support restaurants! Takeaway tour in Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture

Peatix and YokohamaWalker, an information magazine that disseminates regional information centered on Yokohama, will have a tie-up event on 25th April. Due to the influence of the COVID-19, many restaurants and shopping districts in the Yokohama area are suffering, and taking various actions such as takeaway and selling ingredients in these difficult circumstances. To help these restaurants and shops, a Yokohama area community manager of Peatix and an editor-in-chief of YokohamaWalker who both were born and grew up in Yokohama will talk about the updated situation and introduce restaurants where they provide a takeaway service. When users apply for a ticket, they can fill in “Recommended takeaway restaurants”, that will be introduced during the event. Participation fee is free, and it will be live on YouTube. It’s a good event for those who live in that area and want to know good takeaway places, and for those already in the know and want to share them.

Theatre-style Comic Biblio battle

Biblio battle, dedicated to manga, will be held on 29th April by N-alliance which runs an event planning and consulting businesses, and IKEDA REGO GARAGE which manages a theatre group Clown Crown. Members of ClownCrown who love manga will give enthusiastic theatre-style presentations about their favourite manga comics. People who want to share their passion about manga, those who want to explore manga and people who want to make friends with manga lovers, will definitely enjoy this event. The winner will be decided by viewers vote held each day. The participation fee is 1,500 yen and will be held on Zoom.

Online silent disco festival

This is a new form of entertainment, run by Silent, which manages silent disco festivals in Japan, makes good use ZOOM. Multiple rooms will be created using the breakout room function. DJs will be playing in each room, artists will be performing live, there will be talk session rooms, and the participants are freely allowed to switch rooms as if they are actually in the music festival. Participants can even darken their own rooms, turn on a mirror ball and prepare their drinks to make it more exciting. The event will be held on 25th April for free. Supporters tickets costing 1,000 yen also will be available for those who are willing to pay with good intention.

In addition to the above events, Japanese influencers and brands also often live streaming events, seminars and lectures. Having access to these events while at home is a great convenience. It’s expected that the online event business will continue to accelerate in the future.

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