5 tips when selling products on Amazon Japan

1. Getting to the top of search results

The number of products handled by Amazon Japan is huge, so I pays to stand out. 70% of people who search on Amazon say that they don’t look at the second page and beyond. No matter how good the product is, it cannot be sold unless it’s noticed by buyers. It’s important that products are listed higher in the search results. The following points are key in order have a chance at being to be listed near the top.

2. Use eye-catching images that resonate with Japanese users

Product images are very important for online shopping. Amazon Japan allows you to set one main image and eight sub images, a total of nine. There are other rules besides the ones below:

3. Getting a good seller rating

In addition to the price of the product, Japanese users emphasise the seller’s evaluation as well. Trust matters because buying and selling on Amazon is a transaction that is not face-to-face. The reality is that not many users buy from brands they’ve never heard of or new sellers without a seller’s rating. In the case of new sellers, the evaluation starts from zero, so please keep the following points in mind.

4. Effectively utilising FBA

FBA stands for Fulfilment by Amazon and can also be operated on Amazon Japan. It’s a system that takes care of services on behalf of sellers, such as stock keeping, ordering, packing, shipping, shipping procedures of products, payment to accounts, free domestic shipping fee service, gift wrapping, and return correspondence. All sellers need to do is select, procure products and deliver to the FBA warehouse. However, this is a service that only pro sellers can receive out of the two types of plan; pro plan (mass sales) with monthly fee of ¥ 4,900 (tax excluded) + selling fee, and basic plan (small sales) with free monthly fee + only selling fee.

5. Getting the ‘add to basket button’ (カートに入れる)

The Basket button is the “add to basket” button seen when purchasing products. Amazon has a rule of 1 page per product, and if multiple people sell the same product, but only one seller is listed at the top of the page. Most of the people buy products from the “add to basket” button on the right side of the page without seeing all sellers. Since sellers who are not entitled to the basket button are listed in an invisible place under the main seller who is entitled to the basket button, getting the add to basket button is an important point to sell products on Amazon Japan. The elements below are conditions you need to meet:



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