5 Japanese Travel Influencers you need know 2019

2 min readJul 1, 2019


Working with Japanese travel influencers is a great way to promote your destination or brand. According to the the National Japanese tourism Organisation about 19 million Japanese people traveled abroad in 2018. We can expected this number to grow in 2019 according to the data month by month.

Why work with Japanese Travel Influencers?

Influencers post pictures from their travels around the world on Instagram and provide unique perspectives on the places they visit. Their mission is to influence others to want to travel to the beautiful places they capture and to encourage others think “I want go there too!” or “I want take pictures like theirs!”. They usually have their own travel blog, but Instagram is the best tool to update photos and quickest way to get high exposure. So let’s get started! Here are some Japanese travel influencer you should know!

羽石杏奈 Anna Haneishi (@hawaiianna913)


Anna used to be a member of the Japanese reality television show “Terrace House” now broadcasted worldwide on Netflix. After she graduated from Terrace House, she’s been spending her life traveling all over the world.

Shiho (@shih0107)


Shiho published the travel book “死ぬまでに行きたい!世界の絶景” (The breathtaking sights of the world I want to see before I die.” She was appointed as the welcome ambassador for her hometown, Hamamatsu in Shizuoka. Her instagram profile promotes sightseeing locations both inside and outside of Japan.

Check her facebook as well. Facebook (@sekainozekkei)

Ayumi (@ooooooayumioooooo)


Ayumi, an HIS travel ambassador, is popular due to the useful information on her blog.


AI(@aiai0311) with


AI loves Morocco and published the travel book, “Wonder in MOROCCO”. Her instagram is both very sophisticated and beautiful.

中嶋 杏理 Anri Nakajima (@anrinakajima)


Anri is Blogger, Youtuber and Instagrammer — she’s half Japanese and half Filipino.

She used to be a model at ‘popteen’ magazine where she started her career, but now she is focusing on SNS. She travels once a month at least she says.

We’ve taken a quick look at 5 Japanese Travel Influencers. If you are looking to increase the amount of Japanese people visiting your country, it is a good idea to invite these travel Japanese Influencers!

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